O filozofii religii, wszechmocy Boga oraz ograniczoności naszego języka

Ryszard Kleszcz


On Philosophy of Religion, Omnipotence of God and Limitation of Our Language

Philosophy of religion is philosophical thinking about religion and religious phenomena. It seeks to analyse concepts such as God, His existence and attributes, religious experience, eternal life, etc. In theistic tradition God is omnipotent, omniscient (all- knowing) and perfectly good. Some philosophers have thought that omnipotence requires the ability to do anything, including the logically impossible. But for many classical and contemporary philosophers omnipotence is limited. The limitation of omnipotence including the inability to do what is logically impossible, the inability to change the past, the inability to do things that cannot be done by a being who has other divine attributes. In this paper I discuss philosophical problems of extra- logical limitation of God’s omnipotence.

Keywords: Philosophy of religion, God, omnipotence, logical and extra-logical limitations, paradoxes of omnipotence, R. Swinburne, P. T. Geach.

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