Na drogach jedności. Filozofia zgody Pica della Mirandoli

Michał Węcławski


Paths of Unity. Pico della Mirandola’s Philosophy of Consent

The paper aims at presenting in a synthesized manner a philosophical thought of Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (1463–1494) as focused on a search for a perfect harmony – between one and many, world and man, reason and faith. An affirmation of multitude, as realized on at least four paths: love, music, philosophy and cabala, leads in Pico’s project to an intimate union with something that lies beyond any multitude. Called to these paths, a man, as long as capable of rising above their inherent limitations, in a process of cosmic reconciliation (uni-fication) marries the earth to the heaven, actualizes their dignity and, gradually climbing the mystic ladder, eventually reaches the inexpressible. It is not possible, however, to achieve it on one’s own, thus a man needs to find an indispensable guide of his peregrinations, merely supplemented by an open-minded attitude, in the Revelation, which nevertheless does not bring the very search to an end.

Keywords: Pico della Mirandola, unity, consent, harmony, Christianity, humanism, magic, music, love, mysticism, cabala, dignity, philosophy, theology.

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