Epistemologia epistemicznych dezyderatów Williama Payne’a Alstona – uwagi do wybranych tez

Robert Koszkało


Epistemology of William Payne Alston’s Epistemic Desiderata – some Critical Remarks

The paper focuses on W.P. Alston’s epistemology of epistemic desiderata presented in his Epistemic Desiderata (1993), and next fully developed in his book Beyond “Justification”: Dimensions of Epistemic Evaluation (2005). First, Alston’s rejection of the monistic approach toward justification is critically analyzed. Then, the next main claims of the theory of epistemic desiderata are considered, especially his rejection of the deontological desiderata. Finally, Alston’s discussion with skepticism (Wittgensteinian argument and anty-Humean argument) is critically assessed.

Keywords: epistemic desiderata, epistemic justification, deontological desiderata, skepticism, epistemology.

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