Od typiki doświadczenia do normatywnej antycypacji. Przyczynek do fenomenologii normatywności

Michał Piekarski


From the Typicity of Experience to the Normative Anticipation. The Contribution to the Phenomenology of Normativity

The aim of these investigations is the attempt to show that there is a specific experience of normativity, which as categorial experience is founded on the empirical intuition. The background of this contribution is some Roman Ingarden’s considerations concerning values and norms, and Husserlian analysis of the typicy of experience and the acts of anticipation, which are constitutive for every intentional experience (Erlebnis). This article is divided into a few parts: at first, in the discussion with Dieter Lohmar’s interpretation, the concept of the typicity of experience will be elaborated and characterized the so-called type. After that, the investigations into the role of anticipation will complement and enrich the analysis of typicity. In this interpretation the experiences of anticipation are the experiences of normativity (normativity as anticipation of normality and typicity, and normativity as anticipation understood as the rule of the action). At the end it will be proofed that the experience of normativity is a special kind of categorial intuition. In conclusions will be pointed some perspectives and further directions of investigations.

Keywords: typicity, normality, normativity, anticipation, categorial intuition, experience, Edmund Husserl, Roman Ingarden.

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