Michała Psellosa Enkomion wina. Filozoficzna zaduma

Magdalena Jaworska-Wołoszyn


Michael Psellos’ Encomium of wine. Philosophical reverie

The motive of wine and philosophical logos was a significant one in the Greek thought for many distinguished authors, among others Ion of Chios, Plato, Aristotle and Theophrastus. A similar passion was retained both in the late ancient and Byzantine culture. A proof of that is a short text by Michael Psellos, being his rhetorical performance, titled Encomium of wine. As regards the medical, as well as intellectual value of wine, the Byzantine philosopher refers both to the Greek and Christian tradition. Encomium of wine constitutes therefore an inventive composition of various topics (including philosophical, literary and biblical ones). Without a doubt it deserves to be widespread and commented, especially since reading it is a pure pleasure both for the body and the spirit.

Keywords: Michael Psellos, encomium, wine, Byzantium, philosophy.

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