Kultura – działanie – zagęszczenie

Andrzej Zaporowski


Culture – Action – Thickness

This essay addresses a non-reflex action. While being a particular instance of an event of the physical world, it is the evidence of some postulated entity called culture. This entity is taken to be a set of the propositional attitudes, and is of the intersubjective nature. This is how the cultural intersects the social. The attitudes in question also called the perspectives are not necessarily homogenous. They express various dimensions of human life, like science, common-sense or religion. However, these dimensions can be taken holistically, so that they interact with each other. This essay aims at presenting a simplified model of such interaction. What is assumed in this model is the following. Since a human action is conditioned by culture, where culture is not homogenous, that is, covers a number of incommensurate attitudes, this action is attributed an irremovable property called thickness. The author’s aim is to trace this assumption while showing, among others, the dynamic and processual nature of the property in question.

Keywords: action, attitude, culture, thickness.

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