Epistemologia społeczna a pojęcie organizacji opartej na wiedzy

Lech Kaczmarczyk


Social Epistemology and the Concept of the Knowledge-Based Organization

Social epistemology provides a theoretical perspective that aims at analyzing the knowledge-creating social practices. The concept of “veritistic analysis” elaborated within Alvin Goldman’s version of social epistemology enables the researchers in the field of knowledge management to diagnose and measure the effectiveness of knowledge creation in contemporary organizations. However, the application of Goldman’s method seems to be problematic since it marginalizes the role of tacit (procedural, unstructured) knowledge. In this paper, I propose an alternative model of veritistic analysis that takes into account inquiring activities of actors participating in the so-called knowledge-based organization and allows for evaluation and modification of knowledge-creating practices, especially those related to tacit knowledge.

Keywords: Goldman, social epistemology, knowledge management, social practice, belief.

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