„Dlaczego Bóg czyni zło?” – przyczynek do zmagania się z trudnościami teodycei

Ks. Krzysztof Śnieżyński


This contribution to the struggle with the difficulties of theodicy has a twofold objective: (1) to remind us that the question “Why does God cause evil?” arises not only in philosophy, but also in the religious consciousness, coming to constitute a separate issue in its own right; (2) to show that the question should be asked in the context of religious thought, or even a specifically religious philosophy – one which does not renounce philosophical rationality, but makes religious belief and its religious form of rationality one of the essential components of this thought. Furthermore, one of the themes of religious thought is hush and silence, in which the pious man not only listens to God, but also wishes to experience His presence, especially when faced with the suffering connected with evil. The purpose of this contribution is to try to address the provocative question “Why does God act in ways that are bad?”, which, as it turns out, can only be posed if a believer in God wishes to rescue his piety from scepticism and even from a loss of faith prompted by the existence and experience of evil.

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