Kryzys chrześcijaństwa z perspektywy filozofii religii – odpowiedzi Polemistom

Ireneusz Ziemiński


To answer the charges formulated in seven polemics with the article Crisis of Christianity from a Philosophy of Religion Standpoint: I believe that the crisis is real and important. The main reason for the crisis is that the Christian salutary event (the death of an innocent man, the son of God, for the sins of the world) is in conflict not only with basic Christian ethics (commandment of love), but also with most people’s basic moral intuitions (especially a sense of justice). Contrary to some debaters, I am not an epistemological or ethical relativist, because I think one is capable of being neutral when analyzing religious dogmas and moral principles; I have no doubt that most people will agree that punishing an innocent creature so that the actual offender might escape guilt and punishment is morally wrong. I am also convinced that the social issues, pointed to by some debaters, concerning the multitude of Christian communities (most of which believe themselves to be the most authentic), lack of faith (resulting in denomination affiliation being only a formality), or discrimination of women in some communities (especially the Roman-Catholic Church, which excludes women from priesthood and quotes the will of Christ himself on the issue), are external symptoms of the crisis of Christianity.

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