Dlaczego w świecie postprawdy wciąż rościmy sobie prawo do obiektywności? Analiza współczesnej kondycji prawdy na gruncie flozofi Richarda Rorty’ego

Kinga Ciereszko


The article discusses the concept of truth; its modern understanding and the transformations it went through. The author analyses the concepts of post-truth and fake news, regarding closely such like phenomena as hipersegmentation (A. Halavais), which creates a bogus access to information (being in fact an exclusion by means of the flter bubble). In the text, methods are pointed out that might infuence public opinion, and, consequently, the results of elections, too (flter bubble, OCEAN method). The author claims that the post-truth phenomenon may be interpreted as an effect of departing from the vision of truth conceived as that absolute on behalf of the plurality of convictions which are true but within societies and the discourses created in them.

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