Maszyny. Świat bez cierpienia?

Beata Wojewoda


The article is devoted to the issue of suffering in the context of the development of technology. The author analyses the way the category of suffering shows the idea of being human. Machines can positively or negatively affect the world of man. A positive example of robotisation of medicine, therapy and rehabilitation proves the effectiveness of the use of machinery in an attempt to eliminate suffering. The notion of pain is discussed alongside with its functions and types of suffering: biological, social and existential. The author summarizes the futurological visions of man liberated from suffering based on the Cartesian product of dual nature (body/soul) and the philosopher’s picture of man as a being faced with his own suffering and the suffering of others. The importance of machines is not only the fulfilment of a dream of releasing oneself from ill health, genetic disorders, but their role as a cognitive and calculation tool is contribution to the progress of science and understanding of the world by a man. We can undertake more effective action in accordance with the imperative of human solidarity towards suffering.

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