„Oby nie gasła pochodnia myśli filozoficznej” – spotkania uczniów Twardowskiego w rocznicę śmierci Mistrza

Stefan Konstańczak


Kazimierz Twardowski is recognized as the father of scientific philosophy in Poland. He also raised a large group of students who later worked at all Polish universities. They kept in touch with their teacher, thanks to which they formed a scientific group that went down in the history of philosophy under the name of the Lviv-Warsaw school. At Twardowski’s funeral in 1938, his former pupils decided they would meet every year on February the 11 th ; the anniversary of his death. These meetings were to take the form of a solemn academy where his ex-pupils were to remind the achievements of the teacher and present their own works following the ideas of the Master. Two such meetings took place in Lviv before the war. As a result of political changes after the war, such meetings had to take place in conspiracy under the guise of other scientific ventures or only at a private level. It was only on the 20th anniversary of Twardowski’s death that his students’ meeting could be officially held under the patronage of the Polish Philosophical Society. These meetings played a major role in the formation of the Lviv-Warsaw school, which dominated the post-war Polish philosophy.

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