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Kazimierz Świegocki


Kazimierz Świegocki
On Time
In the essay, the author ponders on the essence of time, referring to the renowned
quote from St. Augustine (I know when you do not ask, whey you ask, I do not). Like
life, time in its essence is unknowable. We only know its signs and consequences, but
its essence remains a mystery. Deliberating on time in the spirit of empirical logic
apparently leads to assuming some irrational dimension and foundation of reality. The
author adds that, ultimately, the rational has its roots in the irrational. And it is poetry
that is most closely related to the irrational. Therefore, the nature of Existence is poetic
as well. It begins with a word (logos) and ends with silence. And if it answers our
question about time at all, it only does so in the language of great poetry.
Keywords: time, existence, non-existence, existential experience, memory, passing,
God, wisdom, paradox, poetry, ignorance.

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