Filozof niemetafizyczny. O filozofii i metafilozofii Stefana Sarnowskiego

Maciej Chlewicki


The Non-Metaphysical Philosopher. The Philosophy and Metaphilosophy of Stefan Sarnowski


The article is an attempt at presenting the main ideas of Polish contemporary philosopher Stefan Sarnowski (1939–2014). In his works Sarnowski labelled his conception as metaphilosophy, the philosophy of philosophy, and also non-metaphysical philosophy. all these terms, as much as they are treated as the same in this theory, emphasise its different aspects. According to the author of this article, a key idea of Sarnowski’s philosophy is presented by the term non-metaphysical philosophy. In his conception of philosophy, Sarnowski refers to the philosophy of Descartes, Husserl, and Plato. In this conception the idea of philosophical doubting plays an important part. By philosophical doubting we have to understand doubting in everything, i.e. doubting in every thought. Thanks to this philosophical method the ideas of freedom and human entity become reality.

Keywords: Stefan Sarnowski, metaphilosophy, philosophy of philosophy, Polish contemporary philosophy, doubting, philosophy of entity.

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