Kryzys chrześcijaństwa z perspektywy filozofii religii

Ireneusz Ziemiński


Crisis of Christianity in the Light of the Philosophy of Religion

The author discusses two aspects of the crisis of Christianity – the institutional and the doctrinal one. The institutional crisis is tied to the existence of a multitude of Christian churches and denominations, each of which claims to be the only Church founded by Christ and fully observant of His teachings. This multitude of churches makes it impossible to answer the question which of them is the genuine Church (or even if any one of them is). However, since no church can abandon the belief in its own uniqueness and the rightness of the doctrine it preaches, the effectiveness of ecumenical dialogue is doubtful. Whereas the main symptom of doctrinal crisis is the saving sacrifice of Christ, which contradicts our most basic moral insights: it is difficult to admit that the salvation of sinners was accomplished at the cost of the passion and death of Him who was entirely innocent.

Keywords: church, Christianity, God, evil, salvation, sacrifice.

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