O twórczości w logice, czyli jak rozwijają się intuicje logiczne

Marek Lechniak


On Creativity in Logics, or How the Logical Intuitions are Developed

This article aims to show the steps of development of some logical ideas from a beginning stage to the mature form; we adopt the usefulness of the idea in analyzing logical concepts and its intuitiveness as criteria of the matureness of an idea. Another criterion of maturity of alogical idea is its uncompetitive character towards the assumptions of classical logic. In the beginning of the article, some introductory considerations on intuitive knowing as the origin of logic are presented; subsequently, the requirements which every formal system pretending to be called logic should fulfill are shown, and finally the histories of development of ideas of many-valuedness and modality in contemporary logic are analyzed.

Keywords: logical intuition, development of logical idea, many-valued logic, modal logics.

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