Sztuka nadziei. Nadzieja w sztuce. Powołanie artysty i misja sztuki w reflksji Karola Wojtyły – Jana Pawła II

Zofia Zarębianka


The Art of Hope. The Hope in Art. The Artist’s Vocation and the Mission of Art in the Reflections of Karol Wojtyła – Pope John Paul II

The article is an attempt to describe the understanding of art and its purposes in the writing of Karol Wojtyła (Pope John Paul II). The material basis for this deliberation consists of two texts from different periods in Karol Wojtyła’s life, namely, Rekolekcje dla artystów [Retreats to artists] and List do artystów [A letter to artists]. What is particularly of note, is that Wojtyła stresses the ethical focus of both the creative process itself and the purpose of art, which is seen from the perspective of interpersonal dialogue as an expression of the soul and the epiphanous reality.

Keywords: art, ethics, creative process, Karol Wojtyła, John Paul II.

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