Kazimierza Ajdukiewicza postulat logizacji dydaktyki i nauczania

Ryszard Maciołek


Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz’s Demand for Logicization of Theory of Teaching and Didactics.

The present article “Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz’s demand for the logicization of the theory of didactics and teaching” is devoted to views of Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz, one of the outstanding representatives of Lvov-Warsaw School, on the issue of didactics, its tasks and its relation to logic, particularly to its one part, i.e. the methodology of sciences. Ajdukiewicz utters his opinion of didactics from the perspective of the university teacher and the supporter of the solidity of logical abilities in a teacher’s education rather than of that of a specialist in education. His critique addressed to didactics stem from didactics having been unilaterally influenced by psychology. Especially in general didactics, psychology enhanced subjectivism in teaching. Scarcely any better was the situation of detailed didactics, as the scope of learning was being dominated by financial objectives to the detriment of the formal teaching. Ajdukiewicz proved that logic should counterpoise the influence of psychology on the didacticism. Arguments given were supported by the arguments of other Polish logicians, methodologists of sciences and specialists in pedagogy.

Keywords: general didactics, logic, methodology of sciences, material attainment target, formal attainment target, psychologization of theory of teaching, logicization of theory of teaching.

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