Analityczna fiozofia dziejów w Poznańskiej Szkole Metodologicznej. Próba falsyfiacji Popperowskiej krytyki historii teoretycznej

Krzysztof Brzechczyn


Analytical Substantial Philosophy of History at the Poznań School of Methodology. An Attempt of Falsification of Popperian Critique of Theoretical History


The purpose of this paper is the reconstruction of the theory of historical process elaborated at the Poznań School of Methodology. The heuristic tool will be Popper’s model of knowledge, according to which, the development of scientific theory went through the phase of the posing of the scientific problem, proposing a tentative theory, a critical discussion and its modification. Proposed by Leszek Nowak the adaptive interpretation of historical materialism was transformed – under the influence of the elaboration of the idealizational theory of science and the categorical interpretation of dialectics – into the generalized version of historical materialism. This version includes theory of the class and primitive societies. Difficulties in the building of the theory of real socialism led to the transformation of adaptive historical materialism into the non-Marxian historical materialism where some tenets of Marxism were refuted (e.g. the domination of economy over politics). In the course of the building of the adaptive interpretation of historical materialism and the non-Marxian historical materialism some primary notions were defined and modified satisfying the criteria of falsification. Although Popper severely criticized the possibility of theoretical history, the theory of history as developed at the Poznań School of Methodology satisfies his criteria of falsification. This throws doubt upon the validity of Popperian critique of theoretical history.

Keywords: substantial philosophy of history, analytical Marxism, non-Marxian historical materialism, adaptive interpretation of historical materialism, Poznań School of Methodology, Leszek Nowak, Karl R. Popper.

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