Rosja jako Arkadia. Rosyjska utopia historiozoficzna doby romantyzmu

Marek Jedliński


Russia as an Arcadia. Russian Historiosophic Utopia of the Romantic Period


The article presents the theme of Arcadia present in the Russian thought of the Romantic era, on the basis of Ivan Kirieevsky’s and Vladimir Odoevsky’s works. The mentioned philosophers (writers) referred to the mental movement that originated in ancient times, namely the anti-progressivism. They called for the return to the natural world, to the times before the beginning of capitalism and industrial revolution. Russia in this vision, contrasted with Europe, was perceived as the perfect land (the world of wealth) where concord, equality and order ruled. Kirijevsky invoked the picture of the community of people connected by work and supporting each other.

Keywords: Russia, Europe, Arcadia, slavophilia, rationalism, capitalism, individualism, the highest values.

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