Ku źródłom twórczości. O wyzwaniach wolności w sztuce – perspektywa uobecniania indyferencji

Piotr Orlik


Towards the Sources of Creativity. On the Challenges of Freedom in Art in the Perspective of Conception of Indifference


The search for the origin of creativity cannot exclude the issue of freedom. The meaning of freedom as a source of creative acts was highlighted in On the Aesthetic Education of Man in a Series of Letters by Friedrich Schiller. His words “Art is the daughter of freedom” are the starting point of the analysis in the following article. The interpretation of the myth of the creator of the labyrinth – Daedal – indicates that links between creativity and freedom can be found even in ancient times, when neither science nor philosophy existed. Numerous concepts of freedom have accumulated through the ages, and the purpose of this article is not to reconstruct them, but to shed light on relationship between freedom and creativity in one of the possible theoretical contexts only. The concept of making indifference present, put forward and developed by the author in other texts, allows to extract specific aspect of freedom in certain forms of artistic creation. The poetry of Friedrich Hölderlin is notably precious and symptomatic in this regard. This article provides an analysis of specific aspects of Hölderlin’s works that reveal specific challenges of freedom linked to the “anticipation” and “retrospection” of indifference.

Keywords: freedom, creativity, art, anticipation of indifference, retrospection of indifference, Hölderlin, Schiller.

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