O myśleniu historycznym w filozofii Immanuela Kanta

Maciej Sawicki


On Historical Thinking in Immanuel Kant’s Philosophy

The present essay is an attempt to ascertain the meaning and the place which should be allotted to the history in the context of the main issues of the Kantian philosophy. In my considerations, I draw up, on the one hand, the multitude of these threads in Kant’s thinking about history, and, on the other hand, their very breadth and depth. However, the guiding thread of the text is not only a reconstruction of the historiosophical system, since, as far as possible, I also try to mark some critical moments, which can be made out in the historical thinking of Königsberg Philosopher.

Keywords: critical philosophy, historiosophy, human being, pain, science, ethics, Immanuel Kant.

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